Technical Support & Website Administration - Website design professional supportive Services

 Technical Support:

For a successful, efficient and proper operation of the shop we provide annual technical support. The annual technical support includes client training in order to be able to manage the website, guidance, advice and maintenance or website repair.

The offered technical support services are:

  1. To backup the site (Back Up).
  2. Daily monitoring of correct functioning of systems.
  3. Updating and upgrading software.
  4. Telephone Support
  5. Solving problems regarding the hardware and software.
  6. Screening equipment.
  7. Improving System Performance.
  8. User training.


Website Administration:

Successful operation of a website depends largely on the proper content management. Jalp can manage the site on behalf of the client for adding and managing content, modifying the structure of the website, adding new applications - functions, monthly publication reports (eg traffic, orders, etc.).

Website Management Services:

  1. Constant updating and editing of dynamic digital content (τουδυναμικούψηφιακούπεριεχομένου)
  2. texts, pictures, graphics
  3. categories, products
  4. Offers
  5. News, announcements, events
  6. Adding new pages
  7. Design interventions in the "image" of the website.
  8. Optimizing web text.
  9. Promoting website in search engines (Search Engine Optimization).
  10. Monthly statistical analysis (traffic, orders) of the website.
  11. Change and optimizing the webpage code for modifying or adding new sub-functions.

Contact us to provide you with more informations about our web design, development and responsive design services. You can contact us by filling our online form here or by giving us a call at +30 210 2910 519. jalp is a specialized company and we are encuranged to ask us for more advanced services such as website usability, user optimazation or internet marketing, Social Media Marketing focused on the Greek market.

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