Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked in, Google+,etc.)

Take advantage of the new opportunities that Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked in, Google+,etc.) give you. Share your information directly, attract new customers and streng then your relationship with the existing (customer engagement)giving them an active role and opening new channels of communication. Listen to them, their ideas, their complaints and drastically improve your services and your products.

Spread the news to a wide audience, the largest you may have ever imagined and promote your website and your business to thousands of users. Facebook already has 1.1 billion users and Twitter 500million users, while the figures for Greece are equally impressive, number in gover three million users at Facebook.

Invest in Social Media, trust the jalp experts and you will soon achieve:

  • a remarkable traffic increase 
  • significant cost reduction in promoting and advertising,
  • an increase in sales and finally
  • improvement in customer satisfaction


Social Media Marketing

Contact us to provide you with more informations about our web design, development and responsive design services. You can contact us by filling our online form here or by giving us a call at +30 210 2910 519. jalp is a specialized company and we are encuranged to ask us for more advanced services such as website usability, user optimazation or internet marketing, Social Media Marketing focused on the Greek market.

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